Daily wellness care from JAPAN brand food

~ Delivering truly good products with the producers' thoughts ~

A form of happiness that begins with agricultural production. Mental and physical health is an element of happiness, and it is important to take care of not only your appearance but also your insides and manage your total balance. Promotes long-term health maintenance through daily conditioning. In addition to being a food ingredient, the new type of ``Matsutaro'' mushroom has hidden functionality that cares for the invisible parts of the body.It is a hybrid of matsutake and shiitake mushrooms, and provides high nutritional value.

Branding achieved through trusted collaboration with producers

WAsobi has had a deep relationship of trust with the producer of Kinoko Matsutaro, the main product of the KINOnist brand, for the last three years, and as a distributor we cooperate with the producing company, mainly focusing on marketing and starting the business as comrades. We are working on it. WAsobi representatives have expertise in the sports world, and the business partners we work with have expertise in both the business world and WAsobi can combine these knowledges. We identify ideas and excellent items that arise from our deep experience in each specialized field, and develop them by making the most of our connections. Through branding, we aim to provide designs through food aimed at young people in their 20s and 30s and athletes, and to reach more people. We are also planning to develop it as a JAPAN brand.

Representative's thoughts

In Japan, mushrooms are primarily used as ingredients in dishes for their delicious taste, but overseas, their high nutritional value is attracting attention and there is a tendency for mushrooms to be consumed to maintain health. Athletes also actively use mushrooms as a natural supplement. Therefore, when I heard from someone about ``Mushroom Matsutaro'', which has even more amazing nutritional value, I felt that this could be useful for athletes' conditioning, maintenance, and improving physical strength, so I decided to pursue my interest in the production company. I took a look at Ishism's homepage. What captured my heart was Ishim's philosophy of continuing to work toward a recycling-oriented society through Matsutaro's research and development. I wanted to be a part of this group and support the health of athletes and people, and I wanted to learn more about Matsutaro, so I contacted him and visited the company and toured the factory. I have suffered from many injuries, and I have always thought about strengthening my body's abilities not only from the outside but from the inside as well. All the food you eat creates the body you have today. That's why I feel it's important to ``know things properly'' and ``choose with your own eyes'' rather than just hearing from someone else. I will continue to grow together with Matsutaro and other producers who create better products, as well as myself, so that everyone can live healthy, active, and enjoyable lives. The things I want to do and the bright light are spreading more and more.