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Dried organic mushrooms & vegetables

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Matsutaro and vegetable drying (no pesticides or chemical fertilizers)

Low-temperature drying ensures that nutrients are not lost.

Add high nutritional value to any dish! ! Easy and perfect for soups such as miso soup and stir-fries!

Allergen information: shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk ingredients, peanuts

A hybrid of shiitake and matsutake mushrooms, it has a concentrated texture and flavor.

Overall nutritional value is outstanding compared to any type of mushroom! !

It is also rich in vitamin D , which increases protein absorption and improves training effectiveness for athletes. The high nutrients it contains also reduce fatigue and have antioxidant effects, making it an excellent nutritional food for many people.

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Dried organic mushrooms & vegetables
Dried organic mushrooms & vegetables


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