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Matsutaro onion dressing

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Supervised by the head chef of Yokkaichi Restaurant in Mie Prefecture.

The head chef fell in love with the taste and texture at first sight, and commercialization became a reality!

It's delicious and goes well with any dish, so it's up to you to arrange it! !

Crunchy mushroom Matsutaro and crunchy onions are texture-satisfying and nutritious!

Maintain your health by adding good things to your daily life, and support nutrients in your athlete's diet.

Ingredients: Salad oil (domestic production), Matsutaro (produced in Mie Prefecture), onion (produced in Mie Prefecture), rice vinegar. Light soy sauce, beet sugar, Okuni salt

Allergic ingredients: soybean, wheat

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Matsutaro onion dressing
Matsutaro onion dressing


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