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Raw Matsutaro 75g

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New species of superfood mushroom : Kinoko Matsutaro

Mushroom Matsutaro is a new type of mushroom that incorporates the goodness of shiitake and matsutake, and has been improved based on the patented ``Fusion mushroom of matsutake fungus and shiitake fungus, its primordium culture method, and its cultivation method''.

Research institutions in Japan and abroad have revealed that mushrooms contain abundant nutrients that surpass other vegetables, including not only the ``inoculum'' that forms the basis of super mushrooms, but also the ``fungal bed'' that creates them. It was created through many years of research and development by producers.

The size of Matsutaro for the table is suitable for one person or the whole family to try.

Matsutaro will serve as your heart and deliver delicious food to the health of your precious family and those in your care.

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Raw Matsutaro 75g
Raw Matsutaro 75g


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