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About the product's particular points and features-

There is no other supplement that can take in a high capacity of 5000 mg of arginine in one mouthful, and we have made it possible using patented technology so that it can be taken in a jelly-like form and in one packet.

Existing products contain 500 mg per tablet or are dissolved in water and taken, making it difficult for modern people to easily take the necessary amount.

In addition, this product was jointly developed under the supervision of a specialist doctor who is familiar with energy metabolism and hormone metabolism, based on a variety of evidence to ensure maximum effectiveness while being safe.

There are many supplements and energy drinks that specialize in alcohol breakdown, fatigue recovery, fat burning, dieting, etc., but the one that can comprehensively supplement and support them is R5000, a supplement containing high concentration arginine. !

・Can be used by athletes, children, pregnant women, and while breastfeeding

・For energy and nutrition during exercise such as marathons, cycling, and mountain climbing.

・Recovering from fatigue and promoting vitality for


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