Born in Ise Province Mushrooms with rich flavor

Characteristics of “Kinoko Matsutaro”

Nutrient values ​​and effects have been certified through clinical experiments, and this fungal bed created by the producer is a treasure trove of nutrients.

Obtained certification as a trusted “JAPAN brand”

It is rich in nutrients that tend to be deficient, such as glutamine, β-carotene, dietary fiber, and polyphenols, with values ​​several times higher than other mushrooms.

Kinoko Matsutaro

Matsutaro mushroom is a new species that combines the characteristics of shiitake and matsutake, and research conducted by research institutions has proven its high nutritional value. Based on patents and created through years of improvement and research. The producers have carefully developed production methods such as bacterial beds and starter bacteria for this new variety. The small-scale circular agriculture model, which is an initiative of production companies, is practiced throughout the entire process from production to shipping and reuse after shipping, demonstrating a sustainable agricultural method that is also environmentally friendly. Masu. This allows Mushroom Matsutaro to be supplied as a high-quality and nutritious food ingredient, while also promoting effective resource utilization and environmental protection.

Matsutaro mushrooms are not only delicious

It's also incredibly nutritious. Public research institutes have proven that mushrooms have a high nutritional value that overwhelms other mushrooms, including beta-glucan, amino acids, GABA, and polyphenols.

There is a whopping 20g of β-glucan in 100g. Beta-glucan is a dietary fiber that is found in large amounts in mushrooms, and Matsutaro's beta-glucan content is surprisingly high.

It has also been confirmed that it contains a lot of dietary fiber, GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid), and polyphenols. It has 37.6g of dietary fiber, which is far more than shiitake mushrooms, which are said to have a particularly high amount of dietary fiber.

Free amino acid ergothioneine also

Kinoko Matsutaro is currently undergoing analysis, research, and efforts to further improve the variety. Among them, the latest analytical research has confirmed that it contains a large amount of free amino acids such as glutamine, which has the function of supporting muscles, and ergothioneine, which has excellent antioxidant power that suppresses the activity of active oxygen.

Free amino acids such as glutamine suppress muscle breakdown in situations that place stress on the body, such as training and stress, and ergothioneine is said to suppress the activity of active oxygen and suppress cell aging.

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After basic research and training, he entered the Diabetes, Metabolism, and Endocrinology Department of Showa University Hospital. Engaged in medical treatment of lifestyle-related diseases including diabetes.

In December 2019, he became the director of Ginza Yurakucho Internal Medicine Clinic. In addition to his medical practice, he worked as a corporate advisor and supervised healthcare products.In order to expand the range of his activities, he resigned from his position as director of Ginza Yurakucho Internal Medicine Clinic, and from April 2023, he became vice president and special advisor for internal medicine at Clara Medical Corporation.

While continuing to provide medical care, he is currently working as a bridge between the healthcare business and medical care, including supervising lifestyle improvement programs for disease prevention, developing health and beauty supplements, and supporting medical tourism.

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