It is possible to ingest 5000 mg of high-capacity, high-performance arginine in one sip.

Become the tireless me. For everyone, with this one bottle, you can improve your daily health with the ``vitality'' and ``beauty'' that come from within.

Recommended by a physician specializing in diabetes in Ginza!
While there are many supplements that specialize in alcohol, fatigue, and diet, our supplements go one step further and provide total support for the daily mental and physical health care of everyone, from athletes who overwork their bodies to business people.
Highly concentrated arginine 5000mg in one package!

Just by taking it before drinking, it comprehensively supports and protects your health in any situation, including liver care, nutritional support, energy charging during exercise, muscle strength improvement, fatigue recovery, heat stroke prevention, and physical condition management.


This is a supplement that allows you to ingest 5000 mg of high-capacity, high-performance arginine in one sip.

Existing products contain 500 mg per tablet or are dissolved in water and taken, making it difficult for modern people to easily take the necessary amount.

In addition, this product was developed under the supervision of a specialist doctor who is familiar with energy metabolism and hormone metabolism, based on a variety of evidence, so that you can experience the maximum effect while being safe.

There are many supplements and nutritional drinks that specialize in alcohol decomposition, fatigue recovery, fat burning, dieting, etc., but we provide comprehensive support for these and provide high-performance, high-concentration arginine in one package.

This R5000 supplement uses patented technology to contain.

Because it contains safe and secure ingredients, it can be used by athletes, children, pregnant women, and while breastfeeding.

Immune effect

protect the body

Intestinal environment care

Excellent effect on moisturizing and regenerating the skin

Promote recovery from fatigue

Suppresses ammonia that causes fatigue during exercise

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Graduated from Kyushu University School of Medicine. Internal medicine physician.

After basic research and training, he entered the Diabetes, Metabolism, and Endocrinology Department of Showa University Hospital. Engaged in medical treatment of lifestyle-related diseases including diabetes.

In December 2019, he became the director of Ginza Yurakucho Internal Medicine Clinic. In addition to his medical practice, he worked as a corporate advisor and supervised healthcare products.In order to expand the range of his activities, he resigned from his position as director of Ginza Yurakucho Internal Medicine Clinic, and from April 2023, he became vice president and special advisor for internal medicine at Clara Medical Corporation.

While continuing to provide medical care, he is currently working as a bridge between the healthcare business and medical care, including supervising lifestyle improvement programs for disease prevention, developing health and beauty supplements, and supporting medical tourism.

<Affiliated academic society>

Certified physician of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, member of the Japan Diabetes Society, Japan Anti-Aging Society, Japan Endocrine Society, Japanese Thyroid Society, and Japan Society of Industrial Health.