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Specialty Organic Mushroom & Cashew Nut Dried Chips

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Mushroom Matsutaro & Cashew Nut Dried Chips

Because the Mushroom Matsutaro is dried using a special drying machine, unlike regular fried chips, there is no oil and the flavor is concentrated, making it a safe and healthy snack for children.

Eating it with cashew nuts brings out the flavor even more, making it a luxurious snack to go with alcohol. Argothioneine, which is abundant as a component of Kinoko Matsutaro, has the effect of promoting liver function, so it can also be expected to have the effect of covering the liver from alcohol.

You can enjoy it as a snack, or you can crush it and use it as sprinkles or as a topping for dishes.

Cashew nuts (produced in India and Vietnam), shiitake mushrooms (produced in Mie Prefecture), vegetable oil, natural salt

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Specialty Organic Mushroom & Cashew Nut Dried Chips
Specialty Organic Mushroom & Cashew Nut Dried Chips


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