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Natural powdered sea salt Pure Powder Snow

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Seed-fermented mineral natural sea salt approved by the head chef of a high-class restaurant in Mie Prefecture!
Seed-fermented minerals are added to sea salt made using an ancient manufacturing method and further aged in a unique special pot.
It is said that it is better not to consume too much bittern for people who participate in sports, and it removes the bitterness that often appears in dishes, giving it a mellow taste and increasing the umami.
"Bitternard" is said to have a hardening effect and can also harden muscles, and some things that are called normal natural salt contain a lot of "Bittern" mixed in. It is well known that athletes consume salt as part of their sodium intake, but foods that contain a lot of bittern are not recommended. However, this natural sea salt is aged using an ancient method to remove bitterness and scum.
“What is the ancient manufacturing method?”
It is crystallized in a salt field


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Natural powdered sea salt Pure Powder Snow
Natural powdered sea salt Pure Powder Snow


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